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We The Free

We The Free Radio is an online station dedicated to free speech and WNY's vast amount of talented artists, bringing you local and regional music, news and events.

The music for the station was gathered from years of digging in thrift bins, generous touring bands, friends' computers, and the WTF library. 

If you are a local artist and would like your band/project/podcast to be included or removed from our shows, please contact us. Our end goal is to create a station that equally reflects the history of  WNY music as well as the current scenes.



From 5 a.m. to 7, get your morning going with Buffalo's greatest treasure. While many of the music scenes in Buffalo are a reaction to things happening in larger, "hipper" cities, The Queen City has always been blessed with Female singer/songwriters who push the limits in every direction. Believe me when I say that The Queens of this city bring creativity and originality to the forefront. Have your first cup of the day with Buffalo's Best!

XheartO presents Cafe Analog


Twice a day, get your fix of rare, hard to find tracks from the vinyl racks. Nowcasting every weekday Cafe Analog serves up a delicious brew of chilled downtempo and funk in the afternoons and hot remix rarities in the Eve. Designed to break spotify, Cafe Analog airs at noon and nine everyday.

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