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Music needs a place to live.

The We The Free 24 hour stream gives diverse and underground music a place to breathe and coexist, with a healthy amount of Buffalo's own talent. As our collection grows, so will our diversity, so please: get us your music!

And Modays join us  on WBNY 91.3 FM


10am – 12pm with  

The Alt Press's Joe Schmidbauer and Grady Hawkins 


We celebrate our SIXTH year bringing you the latest in local and national news and views.

Open to public commentary so call in no matter where you are !

Speak Your Mind While You Still Can!

(716) 878-5104

And Afterward stick around for the Weather Buff,

Hosted by We The Free's own Weatherman, the weather medic himself, Jack Kanack!


Our podcasts cover local politics, current events, music and  a variety of other topics. 

While they may not all be safe for work, we work hard to offer the people 

of Buffalo a chance to speak their minds ! 

Come visit us at our weekly Free Speech Zone on Elmwood and give us your opinion. Or Click Below to hear some recent uploads!

Recent Uploads

Film and The Arts

ueldWe the Free is the online home to Michael Calleri's WBNY movie reviews from The Literal Media 

This week, 

Michael Calleri  discusses " Cold War "

Film Reviews


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Daily Weather

We The Free Radio is your source for the most up to date weather in buffalo! The Weather Buff himself is bringing you the you the best weather report in town every day and we thank him for it! 

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